HL Loans (Home Loans): Home loans, often abbreviated as HL loans, are loans provided by financial institutions to individuals for the purpose of purchasing or constructing a residential property. These loans typically have long repayment tenures, often spanning several decades, and may be secured against the property being financed. Home loans can also be used for purposes such as renovation, repairs, or extension of an existing property. The eligibility criteria for home loans typically include factors such as the borrower's income, credit score, age, employment stability, and the value of the property.

Professional Loans: Professional loans are a type of financing designed specifically for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, engineers, architects, and other self-employed individuals. These loans are tailored to meet the unique financial needs of professionals and may be used for various purposes such as setting up or expanding a professional practice, purchasing equipment or machinery, financing office infrastructure, meeting working capital requirements, or funding higher education or professional development courses. Professional loans often offer flexible repayment terms, competitive interest rates, and quick approval processes. Lenders may consider the borrower's professional qualifications, income stability, business turnover, credit history, and other factors when evaluating loan applications.